Solar Aeration and Why It Matters

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Many ponds or lakes suffer from the threat of stagnant water. A still pond is heated on the top from the sun’s rays while the bottom of the pond or lake stays cold. This situation, called stratification, is yet another invitation to algal blooms and their accompanying fish kills. It also encourages mosquitos and other unpleasant insects. A pond or lake needs oxygen from water moving in order to support a thriving ecosystem. To that end, a healthy pond should … Read More

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What You Need to Know about Stormwater BMP Inspections     Stormwater facilities BMPs are crucial to the community. Maintaining them properly prevents downstream flooding, controls urban runoff, and reduces the pests that like to grow around stormwater. This is why stormwater BMP inspections are so important. Let’s go over the basics together. BMP stands for best management practices, and generally refers to devices built to treat stormwater. Examples would be retention ponds, bioretention ponds or stormwater wetlands. The EPA has 6 … Read More