Finally a new website!

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It has been several years since we changed our website. Our new company website displays the services which demonstrate our capabilities as a company. These projects helped us grow the business.  The website shows where we are today as a stormwater BMP management company (if you don’t know what that is, check the website), and the direction we are headed. A great new feature is the ability for our clients to log into their accounts, and access all of their annual inspection reports and site visits. These site visits are uploaded from the field, assuring our clients get their inspection reports in a very timely manner. The stormwater/pond business has grown rapidly in the last five years, and we are fortunate to grow along with these changes. New regulations, along with development (although slowed with the economic downturn) have provided this niche for companies like us to do what we love to do: make muddy areas look attractive and compliant.

I did not understand how challenging it was to take good quality pictures for a website. Although we have an extremely large database of pictures (we document every site visit with pictures that record the condition of the stormwater pond), it can be tough to remember to get before and after pictures from the same spot, with good light, with people in it, properly framed, etc.. So we did the best we could for now, but we look forward to updating our projects through this blog. Thanks for checking out the site, and let us know if you have any comments.

From a non-compliant pond to a attractive weltand