Dragonfly Pond Works Volunteers in Wake County

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Triangle Dragonfly Pond Works volunteers for local Habitat for Humanity. Photographs by Paul Swenson Recently, several members of the Dragonfly Triangle Team spent their Saturday working with Habitat for Humanity Wake County. The Dragonfly Team was part of a crew working on one of six houses on the same block. “We took on the hardy siding outdoors, while other crews worked on the deck, cabinets, flooring, trim, etc.,” reported Dragonfly Operations Planning Manager and volunteer, Paul Swenson. Team Dragonfly spent … Read More

Water Quality Tips: You Can Make a Difference!

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Beautiful community pond positively impacted by the neighborhood's efforts to promote great water quality.

Help improve water quality in your community and beyond! Orion Harrell- Client Service Manager, Triangle August is National Water Quality Month. In celebration, we are sharing our top water quality tips for how you can help in your community and beyond! It all starts with stormwater pollution prevention. What is Stormwater? Stormwater runoff is created when rain or water lands on hard surfaces, such as pavement or rooftops. Instead of being soaked into the ground, it is carried to streams, … Read More

Mosquito Prevention Tips

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Photograph of a dragonfly which is a natural mosquito prevention.

Mosquito prevention is key to an enjoyable and healthy time outdoors. Jared Beard- Wilmington, NC/Myrtle Beach, SC Client Service Manager Tired of mosquitoes ruining your outdoor fun? Worried about keeping your two-legged and four-legged loved ones safe from mosquito transmitted diseases? Mosquitoes carry a variety of diseases that are a danger to humans and pets. Many warmer areas of the country can see mosquitoes from early Spring to late Fall. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help protect … Read More

Overgrown Pond Restored: Pond Maintenance

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Photograph of the overgrown pond with thick vegetation surrounding it on all sides.

Overgrown Pond Transformed by Charlotte Dragonfly Crew. Tom Pullaro- Charlotte and Triangle Client Service Manager, Master Pond Manager Has your pond become overgrown with trees and vegetation? Have you received or are you worried about receiving city enforcement due to compliance violations? Ponds overgrown with trees and other vegetation are unable to function as intended, are unattractive, can lead to a Notice of Violation, and in some cases, even fines. Restoring an overgrown pond requires an experienced pond maintenance contractor. … Read More

Raleigh Erosion Repair & Erosion Control: Pond Spillway

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A recent Raleigh erosion repair and erosion control project required the restoration of two pond spillways. The Dragonfly Pond Works’ erosion experts provide services in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and beyond! Thomas Moore- Triangle Client Service Manager, Stormwater BMP Inspections Specialized Training,  Successful erosion repair should include the implementation of erosion control measures to prevent future issues. The Dragonfly Pond Works Team has encountered a variety of erosion issues that were previously repaired improperly and erosion quickly occurred again as a result. The Dragonfly Team recently assessed a badly eroded primary … Read More

Invasive Vegetation: Raleigh Cattail Removal

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Invasive Vegetation Removal and Control Tyler Cooper- Triangle Client Service Manager, Certified in Stormwater BMP Inspections and Maintenance Invasive Vegetation can clog stormwater systems and prevent them from functioning properly. Algae are an obvious issue that would lead to an assessment from a specialized maintenance pond contractor. Invasive vegetation such as cattails is a less obvious issue to property owners and managers. There is debate on whether cattails are good or bad in pond management, the answer often lies in … Read More

Algae Control and Maintenance Customized Plan: Tampa, Florida Case Study

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Algae Control and Maintenance Travis Andrews- Florida Head of Aquatics Department, Licensed in Aquatics and Wetlands Are you responsible for a lake or pond with an algae problem? Have you tried several different algae control tactics without finding lasting results? Each lake or pond has its own unique ecosystem. An effective algae control solution needs to be customized based on the particular factors of each waterscape. At Dragonfly Pond Works, our algae and stormwater specialists have encountered numerous lakes and … Read More

Bioretention Pond In Raleigh, North Carolina Restored

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A properly functioning Bioretention pond collects and temporarily stores stormwater. Pollutants and sediments are removed as the stormwater filters through the system, keeping them from reaching lakes and streams. An improperly functioning Bioretention pond does not drain properly and can lead to a multitude of issues, including poor filtration, flooding, sinkholes, fines for non-compliance, and/or becoming a mosquito-infested swamp. At Dragonfly Pond Works we are experienced in creating and maintaining Bioretention ponds. Over the years we have repaired and rebuilt … Read More

Dragonfly Pond Works Names Jared Beard Client Service Manager for Wilmington Branch

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Dragonfly Pond Works Announces New Client Service Manager for Wilmington Branch Coastal Carolinas a Growth Market for Dragonfly’s Environmental Services     APEX, N.C., November 9, 2018 — Dragonfly Pond Works, an environmental services firm specializing in lake and pond management and serving clients in the southeast and mid-Atlantic regions, has named Jared Beard to the position of client service manager, Wilmington branch, Dragonfly Pond Works (DPW) Sales Manager Arthur Quinby announced.   “The Wilmington client service manager is regional lead for … Read More