Dredging Contractor Revives Charlotte Pond

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Photograph of accumulated silt in pond.

Dredging Contractor, Dragonfly Pond Works, completes low-impact dredging to restore Charlotte area pond. Tom Pullaro- Charlotte and Triangle Client Service Manager, Master Pond Manager As a lake and pond dredging contractor, Dragonfly Pond Works has experience assessing lakes and ponds with various levels of sediment accumulation. Sediment accumulation reduces a pond’s storage capacity, and can lead to problems with appearance, odors, and increased nuisance vegetation. In some cases, it can lead to compliance violations with local ordinances and stormwater regulation. … Read More

Florida Shoreline Restoration: Low Impact, Long Lasting

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Photograph of block wall installed by community to protect shoreline, however water seeped through the cracks and erosion continued.

Florida Shoreline Restoration through pump dredging revives Bradenton, Florida Community Lake. Ryan Miller- Florida Client Service Manager, Shoreline Restoration and Erosion Repair Specialist A Bradenton, Florida +55 community contacted the Dragonfly Pond Works Florida shoreline restoration specialists to assess their popular, centrally located lake. The community had previously taken steps to try to protect their valued shoreline from continued erosion. Unfortunately, the plan did not work as intended. The Dragonfly team recommended utilizing our low impact, long lasting shoreline restoration … Read More

Stormwater Management: Low Impact Dredging

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Stormwater Management: Raleigh, North Carolina System Restored Thomas Moore- Triangle Client Service Manager, Stormwater BMP Inspections Specialized Training, Licensed Commercial Applicator Proper stormwater management is critical for lakes and ponds to retain their system functionality. An important component of stormwater management is retaining proper water depths. Sediment buildup in lakes and ponds will compromise the integrity of the stormwater system. Dredging by stormwater management experts is necessary to return the lake or pond to a healthy, functioning, and compliant system. … Read More

Hydraulic Dredging In Lake and Pond Maintenance

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Dragonfly Pond Works is able to provide an exciting service in hydraulic dredging with our Dino 6. Proper lake and pond maintenance will most likely include dredging at some point to keep the lake or pond healthy and in compliance with applicable regulations. Dragonfly Pond Works is committed to keeping your lake or pond healthy, beautiful, and compliant. In addition, Dragonfly Pond Works always strives to leave the smallest ‘footprint’ in and around your lake or pond. One of the … Read More

Shoreline Restoration in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Naples, Sarasota, Fort Myers, and Beyond!

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Choosing a quality pond dredging contractor to assess your pond needs and complete necessary shoreline restoration may feel like a daunting task. As an experienced pond dredging contractor, Dragonfly Pond Works makes this process straightforward and efficient. Dragonfly Pond Works focuses on building and maintaining trusting relationships with all of our clients, while providing quality work that fits within your budget. Unfortunately, there are contractors that prioritize money over clients. There is a growing trend in the Tampa Bay, St. … Read More

Shoreline Restoration and Pump Dredging in Sarasota, Tampa, Fort Myers, Naples and Beyond!

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Dino 6 Low Impact Dredge

Shoreline Restoration and pump dredging  is here!   Shoreline Restoration and Pond Dredging: Where Dragonfly Pond Works Refreshes and Restores Shorelines   RALEIGH, N.C. — Dragonfly Pond Works (DPW), an environmental services firm specializing in lake, pond, and shore management and reconstruction, is an industry innovator in natural shoreline restoration. We bring affordable ecological solutions to clients in the southeast and Mid-Atlantic. Did you receive a notice that your shoreline is out of compliance? Shoreline restoration means conforming to local … Read More

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What You Need to Know about Stormwater BMP Inspections     Stormwater facilities BMPs are crucial to the community. Maintaining them properly prevents downstream flooding, controls urban runoff, and reduces the pests that like to grow around stormwater. This is why stormwater BMP inspections are so important. Let’s go over the basics together. BMP stands for best management practices, and generally refers to devices built to treat stormwater. Examples would be retention ponds, bioretention ponds or stormwater wetlands. The EPA has 6 … Read More

Pond Manager of the Month – Keith

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Keith Raab works hard to keep the lakes and ponds he manages clean and attractive. As every pond and lake is unique, we pride ourselves on highly customized maintenance programs for each property. Keith has the necessary high level of organization and attention to detail to provide these high quality services to lakes and ponds throughout North Carolina. Keith maintains lakes and ponds in Wilmington, New Bern, Greensboro, High Point and Winston Salem and he has worked several very long … Read More

Bioretention pond construction in Cary NC

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Here’s an interesting installation of a Bioretention pond in Cary, North Carolina. Step by step pictures of this project: Removal of the soil from the area, and cleaning out from the future drain box.   Installation of underdrains Pea gravel to cover drain pipes and promote proper drainage Backfilling with bioretention media Mulch and straw, and final touches around the pond And once all the dirty work was complete, the best part: the bioretention pond plants!