Cattails: Good or Bad in Pond Management

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You have a retention pond. It’s got a few small patches of cattails around the edge. From an appearance standpoint you don’t mind the look, and animals seem to like them. Should you have them in your ponds? The answers, like many questions about pond management (and anything else), depend on who you ask. There are the People Against Cattails (PAC) and the People For Cattails (PFC). Side note: I just made up those acronyms and for fun, I’m going … Read More

Finally a new website!

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It has been several years since we changed our website. Our new company website displays the services which demonstrate our capabilities as a company. These projects helped us grow the business.  The website shows where we are today as a stormwater BMP management company (if you don’t know what that is, check the website), and the direction we are headed. A great new feature is the ability for our clients to log into their accounts, and access all of their … Read More