Dredging Contractor Revives Charlotte Pond

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Photograph of the Dino 6, hydraulic dredge utilized by DPW as a dredging contractor.

Dredging Contractor, Dragonfly Pond Works, completes low-impact dredging to restore Charlotte area pond.

Tom Pullaro- Charlotte and Triangle Client Service Manager, Master Pond Manager

Photograph of fountains at Charlotte area pond.

As a lake and pond dredging contractor, Dragonfly Pond Works has experience assessing lakes and ponds with various levels of sediment accumulation. Sediment accumulation reduces a pond’s storage capacity, and can lead to problems with appearance, odors, and increased nuisance vegetation. In some cases, it can lead to compliance violations with local ordinances and stormwater regulation. Our dredging experts were recently contacted to assess a Charlotte community pond. Silt had accumulated in the upper area of the pond, which was adjacent to a footbridge over the pond and highly visible. Unfortunately, access to the area posed a challenge.

Photograph of the low-impact hydraulic dredge, Dino 6.
Dredging Contractor: Dino 6

Access to the area was blocked off by a stream on one side and homes on the other. This eliminated the conventional solution of utilizing excavators and large mechanical equipment. Our dredging team decided to deploy our hydraulic dredge, the DINO 6. Our hydraulic dredging capabilities provided a cost-effective and low-impact solution for our client. We were able to launch the dredge with very little disturbance to the site.

Photograph of accumulated silt in the upper area of the pond.
The accumulated silt is visible in the upper area of the pond.
Photograph of accumulated silt in pond.
The accumulated silt visible in the upper area of the pond.

Restoration Process:

Photograph of Geobags being secured, which will hold the dredged material.
Dredging Contractor: De-Watering Tube, Geobag.

Our crew secured geotextile de-watering tubes, Geobags, in a nearby staging area. The geotextile material allows water to escape while holding dredged sediment inside to dry. Using long, narrow de-watering tubes allowed us to pump a large volume of sediment into a small area with little disturbance or damage to trees in the area.

Photograph of the hydraulic dredge, Dino 6, removing sediment from Charlotte pond.

Our hydraulic dredge passes through the water pumping excess silt directly into the Geobags on the shore. This particular dredge can pump material at a rate of 1500 gallons per minute. As a dredging contractor, this machine is an efficient solution for our clients.

Photograph of Geobag being filled with dredged sediment from the bottom of the pond.
Filling the de-watering tube.
Photograph of a filled Geobag.
First filled de-watering tube.

The excess sediment is captured in the de-watering tube, while water is allowed to flow back into the pond. Additional bags are added and stacked to be filled as dredging continues.

Photograph of the hydraulic dredge, utilized by DPW as a dredging contractor.

The silt that was visible above the water has been removed. The DINO 6 continues to easily maneuver through the water to dredge the bottom and slopes to the desired depths.

Dredging Contractor: Silt Removal From Site

Photograph of dredged sediment that has dried in the Geobag and is now ready for removal.

The use of de-watering tubes allowed the team to pump and stockpile approximately 650 cubic yards of silt in a relatively small area, where it was contained and left to dry.

Photograph of dredged sediment being moved for removal from area.
Photograph of dredged sediment being loaded into a truck to be hauled away.

The material was then removed from the site.

Photograph of a disturbed area in the woods prior to being restored.
Photograph of a disturbed area in the woods after it was restored by the DPW, dredging contractor.

All disturbed areas were restored.

Photograph of accumulated silt at the beginning of the dredging process.

Accumulated silt visible at the beginning of our process

Photograph at the end of the dredging contractor

During the last passes the desired depths have been achieved. The dredge will be cleaned, serviced, and made ready for the next project.

Photograph of the Dino 6, hydraulic dredge utilized by DPW as a dredging contractor.

The Dragonfly Team has restored this Charlotte pond to its healthy and compliant state. The staging area was fully restored and residents are once again able to safely enjoy their community pond. Our solution was low-impact and cost-effective. Dragonfly Pond Works is the dredging contractor you can trust to meet the needs of your pond or stormwater system. Please contact us to learn how we can help you transform your pond into a beautiful space and sanctuary.

We provide pond and lake dredging contractor services in Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Wilmington, North Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, Tampa, Sarasota, Naples, St. Petersburg, and Fort Myers, Florida.

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