Raleigh Erosion Repair & Erosion Control: Pond Spillway

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A recent Raleigh erosion repair and erosion control project required the restoration of two pond spillways. The Dragonfly Pond Works’ erosion experts provide services in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and beyond!

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Successful erosion repair should include the implementation of erosion control measures to prevent future issues. The Dragonfly Pond Works Team has encountered a variety of erosion issues that were previously repaired improperly and erosion quickly occurred again as a result.

The Dragonfly Team recently assessed a badly eroded primary and secondary spillway in a Raleigh community. Spillways assist with water regulation and overflow. The spillways were located behind the dam of the community pond. They had been repaired improperly by a contractor a few years ago. The inadequate repairs caused the spillways to fail and erode again. The Dragonfly erosion specialists offered alternative measures of erosion repair and erosion control to restore and improve the appearance of the spillways.

Badly eroded secondary spillway due to placement of PVC pipe.
Raleigh Erosion Repair: Failed Secondary Spillway

The placement of the PVC pipe caused the secondary spillway to fail and badly erode. Heavy water flow caused the spillway below the pipe to wash away.

Extension of PVC pipe in spillway to prevent future washout.
Extension of PVC pipe

As part of our erosion repair, we implemented erosion control measures. We extended the PVC pipe to the toe of the spillway.

Fabric covering spillway as erosion control measure.
Erosion control measure
Riprap secured over fabric and over PVC pipe to armor the spillway from future erosion.
Erosion control measure

The crew covered the pipe with fabric and placed riprap over the fabric. Riprap is loose rock or stone. Securing fabric and riprap over the pipe will armor the spillway to prevent future washout.

The secondary spillway before erosion repair measures.
Raleigh Erosion Repair: Secondary Spillway Before
Secondary spillway following erosion repair measures. It has been restored.
Raleigh Erosion Repair: Secondary Spillway After

Dragonfly’s erosion repair restored this secondary spillway and our erosion control measures will help prevent future washout.

Erosion Repair of Primary Spillway

Badly eroded and failed primary spillway.
Raleigh Erosion Repair: Primary Spillway

The primary spillway had eroded badly due to the previous improper repairs.

Old fabric and riprap being removed from primary spillway.
Primary Spillway

First, the crew removed all of the fabric and riprap from the spillway.

Restoration of the swale with grading and fill dirt.
Restoration of the swale

Next, the Dragonfly team regraded the spillway to the proper swale. Soil that had been washed downstream was replaced by fill dirt. A swale is a channel designed to manage water runoff and filter pollutants.

The primary spillway is being covered in fabric, T-posts, and riprap as an erosion control measure.
Rows of boulders are placed over the spillway as an added reinforcement to prevent future washout.

Several erosion control measures were also incorporated into the erosion repair of the primary spillway. Rows of boulders were placed on the spillway and T-posts were placed partway up the spillway for added reinforcement. Riprap was placed around the boulders.

The remaining fabric is covered in riprap.
Armoring of the primary spillway

Next, concrete was drizzled on the area where the highest rate of water flow occurs. Lastly, we finished armoring the spillway by placing riprap over the remaining fabric.

Primary Spillway prior to erosion repair measures.
Raleigh Erosion Repair: Primary Spillway Before
Primary spillway following erosion repair measures. The spillway has been restored.
Raleigh Erosion Repair: Primary Spillway After

The restoration of the primary spillway is complete. The Dragonfly Team implemented erosion control measures that will protect the spillway from future erosion.

Our Raleigh erosion repair project has successful restored both spillways. As a result, the spillway is once again able to effectively regulate water levels and overflow. The Dragonfly solution repaired all eroded areas, implemented erosion control measures, and improved the appearance. It is always our priority to complete projects properly and add aesthetic value. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our erosion repair and erosion control services. If you are in need of erosion repair services in the Triangle area, email Senior Triangle Client Service Manager Tom Pullaro tom@dragonflypondworks.com. At Dragonfly Pond Works, we create beautiful spaces.

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