Heavy Rainfall Impact on Lakes and Ponds

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Example of a failed slope leading to a pond.

Heavy rainfall brings risks to lakes and ponds across North Carolina.

Jared Beard, Client Service Manager- Wilmington, NC/Myrtle Beach, SC

Heavy rainfall greatly impacted many areas across North Carolina in 2018. Unfortunately, 2019 has already seen above average rainfall amounts in many North Carolina cities. In 2018, Raleigh received 18 inches of rain above the annual average. During the last 30 days, Raleigh and Charlotte have both received 2-3 inches above average for this time of year (https://www.weather.gov/). In 2018, Wilmington received a record 102 inches of rain. This is 44.79 inches above average and actually within the average rainfall for a tropical rainforest.

Before and After photos of a slope failure and erosion repair to restore the slope.
Dragonfly Pond Works: Slope failure due to heavy rain. DPW Team completed erosion repair and implemented erosion control measures.

This heavy rainfall can bring a variety of concerns related to lakes, ponds, and other stormwater systems. Individuals responsible for such systems need to be aware of the effects this weather can cause. As Lake and Pond Management experts, we would like to share our top 4 tips related to heavy rainfall and its impact on aquatic systems.

  1. There is an increased risk of slope failure. Repeated heavy rainfall can cause a slope to fail, resulting in an unsafe and non-compliant pond.
  2. There is an increased risk of general erosion issues. Any location that receives repeated heavy rainfall is at risk for erosion, this includes shorelines, spillways, near inlet pipes, and near outlet pipes.
  3. There is an increased risk for clogged risers. Heavy rainfall will carry increased amounts of trash and debris into stormwater systems. The increased presence of trash and debris will clog risers and make drainage difficult.
  4. There is a potential for flooding with sudden heavy rainfall or prolonged heavy rainfall. Ponds may flood if there is nowhere for the water to go and/or if drainage systems are clogged. A heavily saturated ground will struggle to absorb additional rainfall, causing excess water to flow towards lakes, ponds, and other stormwater systems.

Heavy Rainfall Safety Tip

Flooding is not the only safety concern. Slope failures and eroded areas are potentially unstable. Stay away from these areas and call your pond management professional.

Please contact us if you are concerned about any of these heavy rainfall issues. Our specialized experts are always available to answer questions and provide guidance.

Learn more about spotting erosion issues here.

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Example of a Dragonfly Pond Works' healthy and compliant pond.
Dragonfly Pond Works Pond Management: Healthy and compliant pond

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