Overgrown Pond Restored: Pond Maintenance

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Photograph of the overgrown pond with thick vegetation surrounding it on all sides.

Overgrown Pond Transformed by Charlotte Dragonfly Crew.

Tom Pullaro- Charlotte and Triangle Client Service Manager, Master Pond Manager

Has your pond become overgrown with trees and vegetation?

Have you received or are you worried about receiving city enforcement due to compliance violations?

Ponds overgrown with trees and other vegetation are unable to function as intended, are unattractive, can lead to a Notice of Violation, and in some cases, even fines. Restoring an overgrown pond requires an experienced pond maintenance contractor. Pond maintenance contractors have the specialized equipment, skills, and knowledge needed to transform your pond back to its healthy state.

Dragonfly Pond Works’ Charlotte Crew, Raul and Michael, recently transformed an overgrown wet pond located behind a busy shopping center. The overgrowth of trees and other vegetation had lead to an unsightly and unhealthy pond that was no longer able to function as intended.

Photograph of the overgrown pond requiring restoration.
Overview of the overgrown pond.
Photograph of the overgrown pond with thick vegetation surrounding it on all sides.
Thick vegetation surrounded the pond on all sides.

Overgrown Pond Restoration Process

Photograph of the overgrown pond transformation starting. Crew has started to remove nuisance vegetation.

Our Charlotte crew began by removing nuisance vegetation and unwanted woody growth immediately surrounding the pond. This included removal from the basin interior, side slopes, and dam.

Photograph of the forebay berm, where vegetation and silt were removed.

Vegetation and silt were removed from the forebay berm.

Photograph of the forebay berm after new rip rap was added and the existing rock was reworked.

The existing rock on the berm was reworked. New rip rap was also added to help protect the berm from erosion.

Photograph of willows obstructing the outlet of the overgrown pond.

The crew removed willows obstructing the overgrown pond’s outlet. Trees in the outlet area can prevent maintenance access and prevent proper drainage.

Photograph of the outlet of the pond after the willows were removed.
After tree removal.

Photograph of the outlet area where the crew added rip rap.

Next, our team added new rip rap to the area. The rip rap will help protect against erosion and can help dissipate energy associated with high flows, protecting downstream areas.

Photograph of a disturbed area restored and stabilized by the crew with straw mulch and matting.

The crew amended the soils and seeded all disturbed areas. All disturbed areas were then stabilized with straw mulch and matting.

Photograph overview of the once overgrown pond having been transformed to a healthy system.

The once overgrown pond has been transformed to a healthy, functioning system. Dragonfly’s experienced pond maintenance crew completed this transformation in about a week. Our client avoided unnecessary fines by having the pond restored prior to city enforcement, and will be starting a routine maintenance program moving forward. If you are worried about the state of your stormwater pond or other aquatic system, we can help. Please contact us to learn how our specialized pond maintenance team can restore the health of your pond.

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