Did you know this about Dragonflies??

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Did you know this about Dragonflies?   95% of a dragonflies life is spent in the water (Mick’s Note: this answers the questions that some of you had about the stocking of dragonfly larvae: “If you put them in a pond how do you know they will stick around?” We don’t know that once they hatch, but 95 % of their life will be spent eating mosquito larvae in your pond!) Different types of dragonfly larvae can spend up to … Read More

Why Dragonfly?

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  ECOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS IS NOW DRAGONFLY POND WORKS   Dear Friends, Fall is a season of change, and we are happy to introduce you to our new company name, Dragonfly Pond Works. Rest assured, the ownership and personnel are the same, and you will receive the same high quality service as before. Why the new look and name? We wanted a name that distinguished itself, and Dragonfly Pond Works is a perfect representation of our company: Dragonflies represent the ability … Read More

Crawfish walk into hotel lobby!

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I thought I would share this interesting email I received from a client yesterday: ” The manager at the [insert high end hotel here]  called.  They are having a problem with crawfish coming into the lobby from the pond.” After joking that they could have a least made a reservation, I set out to look at the pond and research about these animals. I have been in the pond business a long time, and have yet to run into this … Read More

What a difference!

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“We didn’t even know there was a pond there!” Here is a pond rehabilitation project we completed recently. The municipality had just issued a notice of violation because the pond had not been maintained in several years. Large trees were growing throughout the pond basin, and the inlets were severely clogged. The client called us to return this dry pond to compliance. I was extremely happy with the way the project turned out, and the way our crew handled the … Read More

Cattails: Good or Bad in Pond Management

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You have a retention pond. It’s got a few small patches of cattails around the edge. From an appearance standpoint you don’t mind the look, and animals seem to like them. Should you have them in your ponds? The answers, like many questions about pond management (and anything else), depend on who you ask. There are the People Against Cattails (PAC) and the People For Cattails (PFC). Side note: I just made up those acronyms and for fun, I’m going … Read More

Beavers can be a maintenance nightmare in stormwater retention ponds

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Beaver debris piled up around riser structure Beavers are often referred to as, “Nature’s little engineers,” but if you own or manage a stormwater retention pond, you do not want them taking up residence at your facility.  The first time I saw beaver damage around a riser in a stormwater retention pond I was completely amazed at the amount of material they can move around in order to stop the flow of water.  Left unattended, beavers will pile significant amounts … Read More

Customize, customize, and customize your pond management program!

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Are you responsible for the maintenance of stormwater ponds, wetlands, bio-retention systems or other BMPs? Each of these, in their own ways, can be liabilities and maintenance nightmares. Retention ponds or BMPs come in a variety of shapes, types and sizes. They are not all equally properly constructed or well designed. Some ponds are hidden in the back of properties; some are focal points of the property. The retention ponds located in municipalities with strict maintenance and inspection requirements have … Read More

What’s a stormwater BMP???!!

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What’s a stormwater BMP? ( or retention pond, constructed wetland, bio-retention system…) I get this question all the time: “What is it that you do?” My answer has varied over the last several years: Answer #1: “Ecological Solutions provides compliance services to BMPs.” This has been followed by the pause and the follow up question of “What is a BMP and why do you need BMP compliance?” Great conversation starter, but often a long winded answer. Answer #2: We work … Read More

Finally a new website!

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It has been several years since we changed our website. Our new company website displays the services which demonstrate our capabilities as a company. These projects helped us grow the business.  The website shows where we are today as a stormwater BMP management company (if you don’t know what that is, check the website), and the direction we are headed. A great new feature is the ability for our clients to log into their accounts, and access all of their … Read More