Hydraulic Dredging In Lake and Pond Maintenance

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Dragonfly Pond Works is able to provide an exciting service in hydraulic dredging with our Dino 6. Proper lake and pond maintenance will most likely include dredging at some point to keep the lake or pond healthy and in compliance with applicable regulations. Dragonfly Pond Works is committed to keeping your lake or pond healthy, beautiful, and compliant. In addition, Dragonfly Pond Works always strives to leave the smallest ‘footprint’ in and around your lake or pond. One of the … Read More

Shoreline Restoration in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Naples, Sarasota, Fort Myers, and Beyond!

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Choosing a quality pond dredging contractor to assess your pond needs and complete necessary shoreline restoration may feel like a daunting task. As an experienced pond dredging contractor, Dragonfly Pond Works makes this process straightforward and efficient. Dragonfly Pond Works focuses on building and maintaining trusting relationships with all of our clients, while providing quality work that fits within your budget. Unfortunately, there are contractors that prioritize money over clients. There is a growing trend in the Tampa Bay, St. … Read More

Pond Maintenance Contractor in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Beyond!

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Sunrise over Preston Village in Cary, NC.

Start your day the Dragonfly way! As a pond maintenance contractor, Dragonfly Pond Works specializes in creating healthy, beautiful sanctuaries. Ponds are beneficial to the environment, aesthetically pleasing, calming,  and can be a great place to gather. Imagine starting your mornings with the view of a beautiful, calming pond in your community! Dragonfly Pond Works can help make this vision a reality! As a pond maintenance contractor, we provide a variety of services to create, manage, and maintain healthy ponds. Some … Read More

CAI-NC 2018 Annual Conference and Expo

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Congratulations to Rachel Gold, of Hawthorne Management Company Charlotte, on winning a brand new Yeti Cooler! Rachel entered our drawing at the 2018 Community Associations Institute’s (CAI) Annual Conference and Expo. Our Director of Operations, Tom Pullaro, had the pleasure of presenting her with her gift at the Hawthorne Management office. Hawthorne Management manages community associations throughout Charlotte. We are grateful for all of our partnerships in North Carolina and beyond! Check out our Facebook page for some pun fun!   … Read More

Aquatic Plants: Lake and Pond Management

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Aquatic Plants: Benefits in Lake and Ponds Native aquatic plants provide more than a beautiful addition to lakes and ponds. Aquatic Plants are also a vital part of a healthy, balanced ecosystem. Dragonfly Pond Works believes in the environmental benefits these plants provide. We create and maintain native flowering plant barriers to protect our lakes and ponds. An effective shoreline restoration or erosion repair process will often include the addition of native aquatic plants. Aquatic plants provide food to a variety of wildlife. They provide a natural habitat … Read More

Shoreline Restoration and Pump Dredging in Sarasota, Tampa, Fort Myers, Naples and Beyond!

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Dino 6 Low Impact Dredge

Shoreline Restoration and pump dredging  is here!   Shoreline Restoration and Pond Dredging: Where Dragonfly Pond Works Refreshes and Restores Shorelines   RALEIGH, N.C. — Dragonfly Pond Works (DPW), an environmental services firm specializing in lake, pond, and shore management and reconstruction, is an industry innovator in natural shoreline restoration. We bring affordable ecological solutions to clients in the southeast and Mid-Atlantic. Did you receive a notice that your shoreline is out of compliance? Shoreline restoration means conforming to local … Read More

Solar Aeration and Why It Matters

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Solar aeration can help with the health of your aquatic system! Many ponds or lakes suffer from the threat of stagnant water. A still pond is heated on the top from the sun’s rays while the bottom of the pond or lake stays cold. This situation is called stratification. Stratification is yet another invitation to algal blooms and their accompanying fish kills. It also encourages mosquitoes and other unpleasant insects. A pond or lake needs oxygen from water moving in … Read More

Pump Dredging and Shoreline Restoration in Sarasota, Tampa, Fort Myers, Naples and Beyond!

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Shoreline restoration video is up!   Shoreline restoration continues to be a success in Florida!  See the video here: Sediment problems and shoreline erosion can now be actively contained and reversed by our new DINO and Piranha systems. Let’s talk about escarpments, dredging and geo-tubes… Have you ever walked to the edge of a pond or lake and the ledge separating the land from the water is so steep that you were uncomfortable getting any closer to the water?  That long, … Read More

Apps & Software: 2 Tools for an Extraordinary Client Experience

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Apps & Software:  2 Tools for an Extraordinary Client Experience You want a company that you can trust. And with that, you want a company that is going to communicate well (and frequently) with you. A lot of service companies are known for giving clients the runaround but you want something better. And that’s just what we’re in the business to provide. From the very beginning, we have built our company around our clients. Providing the best possible service has … Read More

In the News – The Dragonfly Way

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In an effort to always give back to the communities we serve, Client Service Manager for coastal North Carolina Scott Blevins committed his time and seafaring expertise to a wonderful cause. SOUTHPORT, NC (WECT) – More than 20 children had their wishes granted by the United Special Sportsman Alliance (USSA) on Friday. Captains with the Southport Marina took kids with disabilities and life-threatening illnesses and their families out for a day on the water. “It’s a blessing to be involved with them … Read More