Stormwater Pond Maintenance: Amphibious Mobitrac is Here!

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Photograph of Mobitrac removing lotus from stormwater pond in Charlotte.

Stormwater Pond Maintenance from Dragonfly Pond Works restores Charlotte, North Carolina stormwater pond with innovative lotus removal.

Tom Pullaro- Charlotte and Triangle Client Service Manager, Master Pond Manager

John Brown- Triangle Client Service Manager, BMP Specialist

Proper stormwater pond maintenance maintains system health and functionality. Stormwater ponds that are overgrown with vegetation such as lotus or cattails are unable to properly function due to the vegetation clogging the system. Specialized pond maintenance crews possess the knowledge and skills necessary to remove unwanted vegetation while allowing beneficial aquatic plants to thrive.

As an experienced pond maintenance contractor, the Dragonfly Pond Works’ experts often encounter systems that pose unique challenges. We recently assessed a Charlotte, North Carolina stormwater pond overgrown with lotus. The typical solution for vegetation removal is completed manually by crews. This solution requires water levels to be lowered to allow access to the vegetation. Unfortunately, in this case there was no valve present and as such no way to siphon the pond. This made dewatering a significant challenge.

Photo of Charlotte stormwater pond overgrown with lotus.
Stormwater Pond Maintenance: Charlotte stormwater pond overgrown with lotus.
Charlotte stormwater system overgrown with lotus.
Charlotte stormwater pond overgrown with lotus.

Our stormwater pond maintenance crew wanted to avoid completely draining the pond, which would increase cost, time, and impact. The team decided to utilize Dragonfly’s newly acquired Mobitrac amphibious harvester. The Mobitrac is able to remove and harvest submersed and terrestrial vegetation in areas that are difficult or impossible to reach with traditional equipment. Additionally, the Mobitrac has a very light footprint, minimizing damage to the surrounding environment.

Mobitrac Lotus Removal

Photograph of the versatile Mobitrac performing stormwater pond maintenance, removing lotus.
Mobitrac in action

The versatile Mobitrac glides through the water. The cutter on the front easily removes the lotus throughout this pond. The Mobitrac then harvests or collects all cut plants.

Photograph of Mobitrac removing lotus from Charlotte pond.

The Mobitrac is highly efficient with the ability to harvest acres of invasive plants a day. It is able to easily maneuver changes in water depths by readily transitioning between land and water.

Photo of a clogged outlet pipe.
Clogged outlet pipe

The outlet pipe of the stormwater pond was also overgrown with vegetation and algae.

Photo of a cleared outlet pipe after overgrown vegetation was removed.
Overgrown vegetation cleared

The crew also removed the overgrown vegetation from the outlet pipe and cleaned the area.

Photograph of Charlotte stormwater pond prior to lotus removal.
Before: Stormwater Pond Maintenance
Photograph of Charlotte stormwater pond after lotus removal.
After: Stormwater Pond Maintenance

The Mobitrac efficiently cut and harvested all of the lotus clogging this Charlotte stormwater pond. This system is once again able to effectively handle stormwater runoff. Utilizing the lightweight Mobitrac allowed us to protect the surrounding area from damage while also saving our client time and money. This machine is ideal for HOA’s, Golf Courses, and municipalities looking to reduce the impact of heavy machinery. Our stormwater pond maintenance experts possess the knowledge and skills needed to keep your system functioning as intended. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how we can help you create and maintain a beautiful space.

We provide stormwater pond maintenance services in Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Wilmington, North Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, Sarasota, Naples, Fort Myers, St. Petersburg, and Tampa Bay, Florida.

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