Stormy Weather Brings Pond Repairs To The Surface

Mick RibaultBlog

A couple of weeks ago there were some pretty intense rain bursts in Raleigh, Wilmington, Charleston and Charlotte and when Mother Nature talks – you stand up and listen!  Below are some of the results of those natural temper tantrums:



Fountain with three display heads broken off,  likely from quickly moving debris.


Riser clogged with debris that was collected from fast-moving water after a downpour.


A bridge that became detached from its base and inadvertently became a floating dock.




The most unfortunate situation of all…this pond accidentally ‘drained itself.’   The flow of water twisted the trash rack, opening the drain valve on its own, and draining the pond over night.  It wasn’t noticed until the following morning after the rains and the situation made for a harrowing rescue attempt of some fish.







IMG_3885Here are pictures of a trash rack that was not on a regular maintenance schedule.   We were contacted to clean it after the storms.   If the trash rack were properly maintained, it would have been clear of debris enough to allow proper drainage of overflow, which would prevent flooding, and possibly have avoided all of the above scenarios.  Proper maintenance of ponds and all their devices is the key to successful and safe pond management.

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