Long Leaf Mall Bioretention Makes the Grade with NCSU

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What happens to all that rain after the recent downpours?  Well if you’re in a parking lot, a lot of things happen to the rain, and most of them aren’t good.  Parking lots – although helpful for shopping convenience – can become catch basins for indirect pollutants.  Trash, petroleum products from vehicles and sediment are just three of the potential hazards when carried from storm drains to watersheds closely located around any parking lot.

We partnered with the NCSU Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering (BAE) to create a bioretention device to handle runoff from the Long Leaf Mall’s parking lot in Wilmington, NC.  Dragonfly Pond Works’ crews began by removing asphalt and excavated around an existing catch basin which would serve as the outlet structure.  We then installed the underdrain and media,  new curb and gutter, and centipede sod totaling about 2200 square feet.

This new bioretention device will now filter runoff from the parking lot to prevent pollutants from entering local watersheds.  Many thanks to the successful partnership with NCSU and our own Dragonfly Pond Works contracting team!

For more information on how a bioretention device works and this particular project:

NCSU Bioretention Device Partnership



Parking Lot Demolition – Long Leaf Mall in Wilmington, NC


Dragonfly Crew Laying the Drainage Groundwork








Adding Media (sand) for Proper Drainage and Filtering of Runoff


Completed Bioretention Device (Image courtesy of NCSU BAE)
















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