Dry Pond Rescue & Management

Mick RibaultBlog



This is the original view at Wilkinson Park Business Center in Charlotte as we came upon the site – a dry pond that was terribly overgrown and completely unmanaged. Unfortunately it became an inadvertent catch-all for trash, road debris and insects.  The overgrowth not only traps garbage, it also strangles the ability of the dry pond to function as intended by blocking the drain access, increasing the time it takes for water to dissipate.



By removal of the trash and underbrush the drains were exposed, greatly reducing standing water and returned the dry pond to compliance.  This work was quickly executed to avoid fines with minimal impact on the overall property.  Matting is covering the bare space to stabilize the soil until grass can regrow in the basin.  The new grass and clear drains will effectively increase functionality of the dry pond as well as become a more visually appealing space.