Algae Control and Maintenance Customized Plan: Tampa, Florida Case Study

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Algae Control and Maintenance

Travis Andrews- Florida Head of Aquatics Department, Licensed in Aquatics and Wetlands

Are you responsible for a lake or pond with an algae problem?

Have you tried several different algae control tactics without finding lasting results?

Each lake or pond has its own unique ecosystem. An effective algae control solution needs to be customized based on the particular factors of each waterscape. At Dragonfly Pond Works, our algae and stormwater specialists have encountered numerous lakes and ponds that require several algae control methods working in harmony in order to produce successful results.

Algae Control: Photograph of Tampa, Florida retention pond with algae issue.
Tampa, Florida retention pond with algae issue

One such pond that required a multi-step approach is a retention pond in downtown Tampa, Florida. This retention pond is located in a high profile and high traffic area. Algae is unsightly, often foul smelling, and can pose health risks. These are obviously unwanted characteristics for any pond, especially one in such a high traffic area. The pond suffered from constant algal blooms and the owner of the pond was in need of an effective, lasting solution. Our algae control experts assessed the pond and began treatments.

Algae Control: Photograph of retention pond following initial treatment. Algae has been greatly reduced.
Initial algae treatment

We treated the surface algae, which eliminated 90% of the algae.

Algae Control: Photograph of blooms returning to pond after initial treatment.

Unfortunately, the blooms quickly returned.

Following the treatment of the surface algae, we started a beneficial bacteria program to help eliminate muck and debris from the bottom of the pond. The beneficial bacteria reduced the muck and nutrients feeding the algae. Additionally, we added a pond dye to the water. Sunlight helps algae-feeding nutrients thrive. Adding pond dye turned the water blue, which shaded the water and reduced the amount of sunlight reaching past the surface of the pond. Both of these natural solutions controlled the nutrients that algae require to survive.

Algae Control: Photo of pond before treatment, covered in algae.
Retention pond algae: Before
Algae Control: Photograph of pond after treatments, clear from algae.
Retention pond algae: After treatments

Our beneficial bacteria program and pond dye provided results; however, there was still the occasional algae bloom. Due to this pond being in a high traffic area we often found the intake of the fountain was clogged with trash. We increased our maintenance visits from monthly to weekly for regular trash removal from the pond. We also installed a new, more powerful fountain and we added three bottom diffusers to the two already present. This facilitated greater movement of water which aids in preventing algae. Finally, we switched to a different strain of beneficial bacteria.

Algae Control: Photograph of pond before algae control treatments.

Algae Control: Photograph of pond after algae control treatments, no algae present.

All of our methods working together resulted in a clear, beautiful, and healthy pond. Algae control is never a one size fits all solution. Our specialized experts are able to customize solutions based on the specific needs of each unique waterscape. With well planned, individualized tactics, our algae control specialists were able to turn this troublesome, high profile pond into an ecologically balanced sanctuary.

Algae Control and More!

Dragonfly Pond Works helps clients discover their sanctuary. We are an environmental services company that customizes water beautification solutions, creating natural pond, lake, and wetland refuges for residents, property owners, and community members to enjoy. Our practices work in harmony with nature, but also within your budget.

As experienced specialists in pond and lake management, our designs transform retention ponds, sand filters, stormwater basins, underground detention facilities, and other types of aquatic systems into healthy and integrated waterscapes.

From Maryland to Florida, Dragonfly Pond Works serves clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including corporate, commercial, and public accounts, residential customers, and homeowner associations. We provide algae control and more throughout Florida, in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Naples, Sarasota, and Fort Myers. Our algae control services can also be found throughout North Carolina, in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Charlotte, and Wilmington. We also provide services in Charleston, South Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia; in addition to services in Virginia and Maryland. We strive to develop long-term relationships based on quality work, timely service, cost efficiency, and of course, trust. Please contact us if you would like to learn how we can help you create a beautiful space and sanctuary.

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