Bioretention Pond In Raleigh, North Carolina Restored

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A properly functioning Bioretention pond collects and temporarily stores stormwater. Pollutants and sediments are removed as the stormwater filters through the system, keeping them from reaching lakes and streams. An improperly functioning Bioretention pond does not drain properly and can lead to a multitude of issues, including poor filtration, flooding, sinkholes, fines for non-compliance, and/or becoming a mosquito-infested swamp.

Overview of the Bioretention.

At Dragonfly Pond Works we are experienced in creating and maintaining Bioretention ponds. Over the years we have repaired and rebuilt numerous non-functioning Bioretention systems that were improperly installed. HOA’s are often not experienced in the needs of a functioning Bioretention pond and a low-bid contractor may not always know or care how to properly build the system. Our crew recently ran into such a Bioretention in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Raleigh community HOA contacted us to assess their poorly functioning Bioretention. The Bioretention had been built incorrectly. Many of the pipes had separated, a sinkhole had formed in the dam, and a large amount of the Bioretention soils had washed out creating another sinkhole that a child could fall into. Additionally, a nearby developer was not being responsible with that development’s sediment and the inlet had filled with clay. All of these issues led to an unsafe, unhealthy, and non-compliant stormwater system for the HOA. Fortunately, our experienced crew was able to clean up and repair the non-functioning system.

Evergreen pipe 1 Evergreen pipe 2

Many of the pipes had separated, including the entire first joint of this inlet pipe. We sealed the separations with grout, ensuring proper flow and reducing the chance of erosion.

evergreen forebay 1evergreen forebay 2

Our crew removed all of the sediment and silt built-up in the forebay area. They then installed sufficient riprap, or rock armor, to protect the area from erosion and slow the stormwater runoff, which aids filtration.

evergreen sinkholeevergreen sinkhole 2-Edit

The crew excavated and corrected a sinkhole that had formed behind the riser. They also patched any leaks along the pipe and poured a concrete collar around the outlet pipe.

evergreen sodevergreen riser

The area was then filled with the correct material and re-sodded to allow the system to drain properly.


The Bioretention pond is now safe, healthy, and compliant. Repairs, rebuilds, and fines related to improperly installed Bioretention ponds can be quite costly. It is always important to ensure your contractor is knowledgeable and experienced in building a functioning stormwater system.

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Special thanks to Triangle Client Service Manager, Thomas Moore, for contributing to this article.

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