Erosion Repair and Shoreline Restoration: Quality Service and Products In Florida and Beyond!

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As a lake and pond dredging contractor serving multiple states, Dragonfly Pond Works is very experienced in erosion repair and shoreline restoration. We recognize that clients may feel overwhelmed in choosing a quality contractor and service plan for erosion repair. The Dragonfly Team always strives to provide customers with quality information so that they can make educated decisions that fit within their budget. Our goal is to provide quality services and products that will not only look great, but will last for many years to come! We provide erosion repair and shoreline restoration throughout Florida, in Sarasota, Tampa Bay, Naples, St. Petersburg, and Fort Myers!

Erosion Repair Florida- Before

Erosion Repair Florida- Before

Erosion Repair Florida- In Process

Erosion Repair Florida- Geobags being used to reclaim up to 25 feet of shoreline!

A key component of erosion repair and shoreline restoration is using material to ‘fix’ the slope of the shore. Erosion can occur over time causing slopes to become dangerously steep in addition to possibly no longer meeting compliance regulations. Two products that can be used in erosion repair are Dredgesox and Geobags. As an experienced shoreline restoration contractor, Dragonfly Pond Works only utilizes Geobags. A simple breakdown of the two products can help illustrate why we believe Geobags are a more effective product.

How They Work

Geobags are placed along the shoreline stacked on top of each other. The number of bags used depends on the severity of the erosion. Sediment from the bottom of the lake or pond is dredged directly into the bags. The bottom bag remains in place with material inside of it, while the top bag is split open and the dredged material is used to re-grade the shoreline in the erosion repair process. In contrast, the Dredgesox is essentially a sheet laid on the shoreline that can be sodded over with material placed beneath.

Photograph of the top bag split open and showing the dried, dredged material.

The top bag is split open, exposing the dredged material that has been allowed to dry.

Photograph of the DPW erosion repair specialists grading the dredged material.

The erosion repair specialists grade the dredged material to the desired slope.

Photograph of DPW crew placing sod over the dredged material.

Matting is placed over the dredged material to help prevent washout, then sod is placed over everything.

Photograph of the shoreline completely restored to a safe and natural slope.

The shoreline has been restored to a safe and natural slope.

Erosion Repair Product Comparison:

Comparison Geobag Dredgesox
Bio-Degradable Geobags are intentionally not bio-degradable. The base bag acts as armor against future erosion. Dredgesox are bio-degradable. Once the sheet degrades, erosion can easily reoccur and additional erosion repair will be necessary.
Anchor Not needed, bag remains in place under material weight. Anchored to sub surface.
Filters Run-Off Yes, the bags erosion matting will filter run off before it enters the lake or pond. Yes, once the sheet degrades though, there is no added benefit of filtering.
Equipment The slope can be graded by hand, which eliminates need for heavy equipment. Heavy equipment not necessarily needed.
Vegetation Shrubbery can be planted on slope and aquatic plants can be planted under water along shoreline. Vegetation can be planted through the Dredgesox.
Lightweight No, the base bag is made of polymers that protect against future erosion and prevent armored catfish from burrowing into the slope. Yes, once they degrade they will not prevent future erosion.
Material Used The Geobag is filled with material dredged from the bottom of the lake or pond. We have found that 99% of the time no outside material is needed. Can be filled with local material, but at times appears to also be filled with pine straw or other organic material. This organic material will break down over time.
Hurricanes/Flooding We have installations that have remained undamaged during hurricanes and large fluctuations in water level. Once the Dredgesox degrades, it won’t be able to protect against erosion that may occur during a hurricane or flooding.
Slope Able to provide a gentle slope down to the water. Our crews are experienced and able to grade the slope to the desired degree. The sheet creates a ‘bullnose’, or steeper vertical face, that is more difficult to control.
Frontage Reclaimed We have used the bags to reclaim up to 25 feet of shoreline width on storm damaged shorelines. Sheet is narrower and there is less ability to grade material over a greater area, roughly 3-5 feet reclaimed.
Experienced Crew Geobags require crews that are experienced and trained, which we are readily able to provide. Does not require greatly experienced crew.
Warranty Dragonfly Pond Works offers a 15 year warranty on work completed with Geobags. 10 year warranty offered by firm that utilizes Dredgesox.

Learn More!

Read this Case Study for a more detailed explanation of our Shoreline restoration process.

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