Mosquito Outbreak-Biological Controls

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Mosquito Outbreak

As we all know, summer is prime time for mosquitoes to breed. With the heavy rainfall this season and late start to summer, the conditions have created the perfect breeding conditions for mosquitoes to thrive.

This report has more on how to avoid attracting mosquitoes and also on how this outbreak is impacting business on the east coast. 

Video: Explosion of ‘really, really big’ mosquitoes expected later this summer

Some things that we like to do to decrease the presence of mosquitoes around the ponds and lakes that we work with:

  • ensure that the system is draining properly to avoid shallow areas of standing water
  • add an aerator or fountain to increase oxygen content and avoid standing water
  • install dragonfly larvae! Since dragonflies are carnivores and a natural predator of those pesky bugs, they are a great and natural way to combat an outbreak.