Lake and Pond Maintenance: Hurricane Recovery

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Dragonfly Pond Works is an experienced lake and pond maintenance contractor operating in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and beyond. Given the nature of our work and the locations we operate in, we are highly qualified at assessing and providing necessary lake and pond maintenance following hurricanes. Provided below are our quick tips for what to look for in a lake or pond post-hurricane.

  • Check sources where water enters and exits from your lake or pond. These sources will include inlet pipes, outlet pipes, and dams. Debris or disrupted vegetation may block these sources following a hurricane. It is important that water is able to freely flow as needed through these sources so as not to lead to flooding in your body of water or elsewhere.
  • Check for any erosion that may have occurred. Factors that lead to erosion include runoff, rain, wave action, winds, and loss of trees and/or other vegetation. A hurricane will often be associated with all of these factors to the extreme. A lake or pond in close enough proximity to the coast could easily be affected by storm surge, which will also cause erosion. It is very important to perform necessary erosion repair and/or shoreline restoration before it gets worse, which it will.
  • Check for changes to vegetation. Hurricanes can damage vegetation through the same forces that lead to erosion. Native aquatic plants are a vital part of a healthy, balanced ecosystem.
  • Check water quality related to salinity. In addition to leading to erosion, storm surge can also impact water quality. Storm surge entering a freshwater lake or pond can increase salinity, which could be harmful to freshwater fish and plants. A water quality test will assess this.
  • Be aware of bacteria due to runoff. Stormwater ponds are designed to filter runoff. This keeps pollutants from reaching other bodies of water. Unlike stormwater ponds, runoff can be very detrimental to recreational or fishing ponds. Runoff from hurricane flooding may carry bacteria that are harmful to humans, wildlife, and vegetation. Humans and pets should always avoid bacteria contaminated waters.
  • Check for changes to wildlife. Fish in a stocked lake or pond may be carried away by flood waters. Additionally, undesirable or invasive species may be carried into the lake or pond by flooding. Stocking and maintaining a lake or pond with the right species can help balance the ecosystem.
One of the beautiful bodies of water we provide pond maintenance for in Raleigh.

One of the beautiful bodies of water we provide pond maintenance for in Raleigh.

It is important to have these areas assessed so that no further damage is incurred. Please contact us if you need an assessment and/or service for your lake or pond. We pride ourselves on building trusting relationships with clients and creating beautiful spaces. We can help you bring your lake or pond back to its healthy, beautiful state!

If you or someone you know needs general resources for hurricane recovery, please check our blog here. This blog contains a list of resources such as cleanup, repair, disaster assistance/financial assistance, how to help others, and more.

Lake and Pond Maintenance

Lake and Pond Maintenance

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