Rain Gardens at Raleigh City Farm

Mick RibaultBlog

This past Saturday, the Dragonfly Pond Works Team had a great time working at Raleigh City Farm. With the help of several volunteers, we worked to establish three rain gardens and a drainage pipe to alleviate some of the flooding in the area. Though it was chilly, we worked hard and were able to get a lot done! In the spring, we will add plants to the area for beautification and treatment purposes. If you haven’t been to Raleigh City Farm yet, it is definitely a place worth checking out-one of Raleigh’s gems!


Rain Garden Installation

Volunteers working together to install a pipe for drainage.

Check out  the Raleigh City Farm website for more information on how you can get involved! They have volunteer days every month. Keep an eye out for our next rain garden workshop in the spring!