Shoreline Restoration in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Naples, Sarasota, Fort Myers, and Beyond!

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Photograph of shoreline restoration being completed by Dragonfly Pond Works.

Ryan Miller- Florida Client Service Manager, Shoreline Restoration and Erosion Repair Specialist

Choosing a quality lake management contractor to assess your pond needs and complete necessary shoreline restoration may feel like a daunting task. As an experienced pond dredging and shoreline restoration contractor, Dragonfly Pond Works makes this process straightforward and efficient. Dragonfly Pond Works focuses on building and maintaining trusting relationships with all of our clients, while providing quality work that fits within your budget.

Shoreline Restoration in Florida-Dragonfly Pond Works

Shoreline Restoration in Florida-Dragonfly Pond Works

Unfortunately, there are contractors that prioritize money over clients. There is a growing trend in the Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Naples, Sarasota, and Fort Myers area of firms trying to sell unnecessary reports to clients in their process of assessing a pond for shoreline restoration. The firms present the reports as a professional engineering study and contain pages of technical, irrelevant details. After paying thousands of dollars for these reports, clients naturally feel beholden to the firms. Sometimes the firm is not even presenting a report from a licensed professional engineer.

Before considering hiring a firm that is selling a professional engineering study, there are several important aspects to consider. Are the reports actually coming from a professional engineer? What are you going to learn from the reports? What are you paying for? Are the reports actually necessary to shoreline restoration? In encountering clients that have purchased these costly reports, the clients do not understand the technical reports and it has not been explained to them, nor is the report necessary to assess shoreline restoration and dredging.

Florida Shoreline Restoration- Day 1

Florida Shoreline Restoration- Day 1

Florida Shoreline Restoration- Final Day

Florida Shoreline Restoration- Final Day

Dragonfly’s Assessment Process

As an experienced lake management contractor, we work hard to be transparent with clients and ensure clients understand our process every step of the way. Dragonfly Pond Works has three main points of criteria when assessing a new pond or lake for shoreline restoration. First, we measure the escarpment (slope). Next, we inspect the vegetation in and surrounding the water. Finally, we look at access and plan for the best method of getting equipment in place. We always ensure clients understand our process and assessment. We answer questions simply and honestly. Our goal is to build open, trusting relationships with clients so that we can work together and continue to maintain beautiful spaces for you for years to come.

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From Maryland to Florida, Dragonfly Pond Works serves clients throughout the mid-Atlantic region, including corporate, commercial, and public accounts, residential customers, and homeowner associations. We provide shoreline restoration services as a lake and pond dredging contractor throughout Florida, in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Naples, Sarasota, and Fort Myers. We also provide lake and pond dredging throughout North Carolina, in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Charlotte, and Wilmington. Additionally, we provide lake and pond dredging in Charleston, South Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia; in addition to services in Virginia and Maryland. We strive to develop long-term relationships based on quality work, timely service, cost efficiency, and of course, trust. Please contact us if you would like to learn how we can help you create a beautiful space and sanctuary.

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