Littoral Shelf Plantings

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What is a littoral shelf?

A littoral shelf is the area between the body of water and the banks surrounding it. When planted, it can create a nice border around the water and add to both the function and beauty of the area. 


  • increased water quality
  • increased health of habitat for fish and insects
  • increased beautification of the area
  • decreased algae
  • decreased geese traffic

How does it work?

The aquatic plants that are installed in a littoral shelf serve as a buffer to all of the water that drains into the pond from the surrounding areas. The plants can filter out trash and sediment, as well as take up pollutants introduced by fertilizers and waste. This leads to a reduction in algae and ultimately leads to a much healthier pond.

The plant buffer also deters geese from the area as they are drawn to areas where they have easy access to water. And last but not least, the addition of beautiful and healthy plants around a pond can greatly increase the appearance of the area.

With all of these added benefits, ponds can transform from eyesores to attractive and educational places to enjoy and explore!


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